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The Evolution of the Marston Sunbeam Motorcycle

These pages show some of the development of the Sunbeam over the years from 1907 to 1938 broken down by models and configuration

Latest Work

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The Side Valves

side valve engine



V Twins




The OHV Models




The 350 Side Valves

2¾ hp
(1912-1914) 349cc

2¾ HP, Models 1 & 2


The JAP, AKD & Mag V twins

The V twins

6 hp (JAP or AKD) (1914-1916)

8 hp (JAP or MAG) 996cc -twin (1916-1923)

5 hp (JAP) Russian 650cc -twin


The 500 Side Valves

The 500 SVs

3½ HP Standard, TT , Light Solo, Sporting, Semi-sporting, Model 3, Model 5, B29 (1913-1926) 499cc

3½ HP Longstroke, Light Solo, Light Tourist, TT, Model 5, Model 6, B29, Lion (1922-1939) 492cc

1926 Model 5


The 600 SVs

41/4 HP, Model 4, Model 7, B30, Lion Longstroke, B30 (1922-1939) 598cc

4HP, French Military Model (1916-1918) 550cc

Model 4



From Register to Club & Register

The Marston Sunbeam Register commenced with the backing of Marston Palmer, the successor to John Marston's original company. Staff voluntarily put in time and effort to set up and run the register and complete the restoration of the Marston collection of machines. The collection is now housed at the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley in the UK where they are regularly run around the museum site. And that's very much what we are about at the club - supporting owners in getting together and keeping their machines running whilst allowing the public a chance to see - and in the case of the motorcycles to hear! - these fine machines.

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