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Author Topic: Hacked Email??  (Read 222 times)

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Rick Parkington

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Re: Hacked Email??
« Reply #4 on: July 17, 2019, 12:53:09 PM »
Me too, I let Michael know at the time.
Unfortunately it's getting a bit clever because he replied to me saying 'yes, it's spam delete it and apologised adding why do these cretins do such things.
A couple of weeks later I got a link to a you tube film from Michael which I deleted just in case, but then a few days later another email arrived from Michael saying something like 'This isn't a spam link created by cretins, just a video you might enjoy about a prewar BMW and Norton racing.' Still suspicious I looked at the link and noticed there was a dot in the middle of the youtube bit. Googling that it came up as a virus.
What's worrying is that the hacker has picked up that Michael's friends are interested in this subject and also has used 'cretin' as being a word he might use.

While we are on the subject, here's something else to watch out for; earlier in the year I got an email asking me to look at a picture, i fell right into that one, went onto onedrive, stupidly using the link provided, put in my password and nothing came up. I just assumed I'd got the wrong password and forgot about it - but then I started getting emails from friends asking if it was genuine or (worse) saying they couldn't open it. Clearly the thing was getting into my address book - but being as ONedrive is the Microsoft cloud thing, the password is for the whole of Microsoft. Looking further I was less than delighted to find my Microsoft account openly stored passwords for other things that presumably I had pressed the 'remember me' butting for (fortunately I don't do that with Paypal so that wasn't there) so (hopefully) all I had to do was change all the other passwords.
Question is though, since I had to use my existing microsoft password to create a new password, could they access the change and obtain the new password? I opted to have the code to obtain a new password texted to my mobile rather than email - it said 'type in the last three digits of your number', so I put in '456' and it instantly came up 'correct sending to 07771 123456'. Thanks! I thought, so if there is a hacker monitoring this, he now has my mobile to send a bogus code to! I wasn't particularly reassured to get the texted code from a mobile number that just said 'no name'.
I got a 'was that you' password change email later that looked ok so hopefully all is well and i have had no further problems but it gives me more to say next time somebody in the bank asks why I won't do internet banking.

I think it might be time not to use links anymore, after all we all lived without our friends directing us to short films, bikes supposedly for sale on ebay etc before and you can always give a written description - ie the title of the film, ebay item description etc that the recipient can look up.
There you go Hackers, that's the next thing for you to play around with!

On a lighter note, I tried to keep the Marston flag flying at Mallory 1000 bikes on Saturday. The '28 Model 9 cracked round at great speed passing quite a few more modern bikes including a 650SS and a Honda CB550. It steers beautifully and holds that grippy tarmac so well that I dont think anything passed us around the curves - certainy ot the sweeping Gerrards.
Out of interest some years ago I rode round on my 1927 350 Rex Acme-Blackburne with a 'datalogger' sort of sat nav speed recorder. The little Rex went round that bend, tucked on the inside white line at 60, I think. Fellow Classic Bike rider Ben Miller was on a VFR400 Honda and although he was recording over 70, our'G force' readings were very similar which suggests to me he was going faster but on a wider line and had we been on track together, we would have been level which is a nice thought. Without doubt it seems that a quick flat tanker is very good on that circuit, the light weight gives a surprising handling advantage over bigger, more modern bikes - even the current models of the marshalls. 
Last year, changing down for the hairpin from 3rd to 2nd was very painful for my gearbox, this time I decided - however close the competition - I would take time out at the hairpin. I went wide, declutched and waited till the revs dropped to tickover before changing down - no horrible tooth decay and weirdly, it seemed to make little difference to lap times, nobody got past who wouldn't have done anyway.
A superb weekend and it would be nice to see a few more sporting Sunbeams (or vintage/pre-war bikes generally) out on the track - you don't have to ride fast, there all sort of riders out there and the marshalls are very good at covering anyone's rear who want's to take it steady. I like it because it isn't a race, just a bit of fun and like me at the hairpin, you can set your own pace and just ride fast on the bits you want to. I like to have a tear up with someone for a lap or two and then drop back for a bit to let the bike cool, latching onto him again when he laps me - or tag onto someone else for a scrap. If you want to set aside all the road test and race report waffle and find out just how good a Sunbeam really can be, this is the place to do it. I came away terribly proud of the old bike!
Sorry for the long post - still a bit excited after the weekend!
Cheers Rick   

Ken wot does the Membership

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  • Ken Jeddere-Fisher
Re: Hacked Email??
« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2019, 07:11:52 PM »
I too have had a couple of these and been in touch with Michael about it.  I have suggested that he try changing his password as a first step.  We have to leave it to him to resolve - just ignore these messages and do not follow any links.


Brian Petheram

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Re: Hacked Email??
« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2019, 11:01:04 AM »
Yes, though not from him. It is a spam related thing that uses your email account to send spam to people you have contacted. Best to get a new email address. There probably wont be any virus on your computer - just in your email account.


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Hacked Email??
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2019, 07:05:51 AM »
Hi All.
I've had an Email from Michael Jennings, or not.
In the preview header there is an Email that says it's from Michael, but it says the message is empty.
When I opened the Email there was nothing in the message frame except for

(message clipped) click to open full message

I opened this and was taken to a site that looks like a BT site and was prompted to enter my password..
I thought this was dodgy so i deleted the message and sent Michael an Email asking if he had sent me a message.
I got the same thing back this morning. i also then noticed that the second window that opened had ''BT sham'' in the window tab..
Has anyone else had this?