Front Wheel Removal - 1935 Model 9

Started by StanStan, July 10, 2024, 06:03:51 PM

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Hi Stan, I have a later model but a picture might help to understand the situation.
Cheers, Thomas
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Recommission of my '35 model 9 continues - oil system cleaned out and checked. New fuel ( Aspen 4 ) in the tank. Gearbox drain out and as much content removed as possible. Morris Semi fluid grease in the box to the level plug. Valve clearances checked. Timing checked ( TDC fully retarded ). There's a spark with the plug out and a hand on the kickstart. Here we go.... 3 kicks and it starts ! Idles nicely. Telltale pops out and pressure showing on the gauge. Result ! ( Reminder to self Must check oil return...)

Rear wheel out . Bit of a struggle. New tyre. Reminds me why I haven't changed one for a few decades.... Now for the front wheel and tyre. Quickly detachable ? We'll see.....

Removed 3 bolts holding wheel to brake drum. Spindle out ( was nicely greased so a good omen ). Nearside spacer out. Pull wheel to nearside and splines are exposed. Wheel drops away from brake drum an inch or so, but then catches on something and no amount of jiggling will get it out. What am I missing ? Does it just need a small tweak ? I don't want to break anything. So close to actually riding it.....