1930 rear carrier

Started by jfrith, February 01, 2021, 06:58:04 PM

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Hi Rick. That is really helpful. Thank you very much.

Rick Parkington

Hi John,  I think these carriers were all the same up until the rear mudguard stay arrangement changed in '33 or '34. If so, it should be the same as my 1932 9A which is: made from 1/2 " tube with what I should imagine is a standard bend radius - seems to be the same as my 1/2" pipe bender produces anyway.
The platform is 14" long by 8" wide (measured outside the tubes) with two struts running across the middle 4" (measuring inside tubes) from the front and 4" from the rear. The legs run vertically from the mudguard stays and are 5 1/ 4" long from platform to bolt centre with a 45 degree reinforcement from the rear strut to the rear of the platform 2 3/ 4" long at the longest side of the tube (obviously it's bevel cut) . The rear leg is about 3 1/ 4" from the rear tube of the platform, measuring inside tubes again.
Hope this makes sense
Cheers Rick


Hi. Does anyone have dimensions of a rear carrier for 1930 model 9? I assume it bolts into the threaded holes on the mudguard stays. Approx 9 inches between bolts on mudguard stays. Thanks John