Rear axle tightening

Started by Andy Cubin, June 23, 2018, 09:19:35 AM

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Andy Cubin

Thanks Vic,

Simple to fix in any event.

The bike is running beautifully.



In earlier years the knurled cap had a couple of flats presumably on which to grip; the fact that the pin sheared is probably just bad luck.

How tight.... I'm not able to quote a torque setting .... hard up with a 9 inch spanner?

nice to hear the bike is going
all the best


Andy Cubin

SO, 1932 Model 8.  Got the back wheel off and fixed the puncture.

Replaced wheel and when tightening the axle nut on the left side, it suddenly went slack.

Sheared the pin through the cap on the right hand side.

I can fix this but how do you know how tight to do up the left axle nut for when I put it back together...?

Cant find it in the book.... :-\