Oil gauge pressure range 1938 sv

Started by 38lion, August 03, 2016, 04:50:33 PM

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He's not far from Bungay. his main business is speedo restoration, he suggested the Ariel gauge but he said it was not correct for the bike but would look period.
I paid £40 ponds for mine at stafford and a bonus was it worked..John


Hi John,
Just wondering whether your oil gauge restorer is also based in Bungay? I think he supplies Draganfly. That's very useful info you have given!


I have a gauge away at the moment for restoration..The restorer says it should be a Eureka gauge with the Sunbeam logo near the top.
the range is 0-60 and should be a sweep type ,  0 at about 10 o'clock and 60 at about 2 o'clock. I managed to get one at Stafford this year, the gauge is correct but the face had Singer on it which is being replaced by a replica dial
It should look like this but 0-60 and be a 2 inch not 44mm.
I have a 0-100 modern gauge on at the moment and the pressure with the oil tap on 2 is 20lbs psi..If you cant get the right one then use what you can, riding your bike will be just as enjoyable..john


Sorry canot help but you will find good second hand ones difficult to obtain. Suggest you order from http://www.draganfly.co.uk/index.php/a65anda50/product/32711-oil-pressure-gauge  and wait. They look pretty good.


Hello I am starting to look for a oil pressure gauge for my 1938 600 sv which is mounted in the petrol tank but I need to know the range of pressure on the dial. I am assuming that as the normal running pressure when hot is between 15-30lb then it would need to go up to around 60lb on the dial??? And who would have been the original manufacturer?