Model 9 gearbox bearings

Started by Badgerman, January 03, 2024, 09:53:10 AM

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That's great many thanks. I've ordered a copy of the book :)


Refering to Champs book 'The sunbeam Motorcycle', get a copy if you can.

132--EE-6 2 off
These are SKF numbers.
The above address is also a good place to search for part numbers, it was set up by Sean K Kelly.
If you click the HOME button at the top of the screen you will find more  technical info on Sunbeams
Sean spent a lot of his time collating this information.( thank god).
He lists the bearings with as well using a different manufacturers code..the bearings are still widely available.


I need to order a new set of four gearbox bearings for my 1931 Model 9 (3-speed BT box) but I can't make out the stampings. Can anyone give me a list of the four bearings needed, so I can order from Vintage bearings?

Appreciate the help and Happy New year to all