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Re-registering your machine – the DVLAV765 Scheme

We have now been approved by the DVLA to be included in their list of Clubs who can verify applications under their V765 scheme for Vehicle Registrations. With this approval, we can now officially assist members to obtain age-related numbers or to recover original numbers, providing a Confirmation of Search letter, and/or a Certificate of Search. The procedure is outlined in DVLA document V765/3. There are two scenarios: the first is recovery of an original number and, secondly, application for an age-related number.

To recover an original number, you will need to complete form V765, which can be downloaded from the website . You will also need to complete form V55/5. This cannot be downloaded, but can be ordered on the DVLA website . The machine should be substantially complete, and you will need to obtain documentary evidence linking the machine to the original number. Such evidence would be an old-style log-book, pre-1983 tax disc, MoT certificate, insurance certificate or registration information from archives or libraries. Photocopies of these documents must be authenticated, but this can be done by any Club on the V765/1 List of Clubs, not just the MSC&R.

The completed V765 form and authenticated photocopies, along with photos of both sides of the machine and rubbings or clear photos of the frame and engine numbers, should be sent to me, Paul Hutton. I am quite happy to receive original documents to photocopy and authenticate if you are happy to deliver them in person, or have faith in Royal Mail. Do NOT send original documents to the DVLA – you will not get them back.

Under most circumstances, an inspection will be necessary. We will arrange for a local member to carry out the inspection and send me a report. His expenses for this service will be chargeable to the applicant. No charge is levied by the DVLA for a V765 application, but the MSC&R will charge £20 for each application. Once all the documentation is complete, I will forward the application to the DVLA.

If the application to recover the original is not successful, or you do not have sufficient evidence to apply for this, you can be allocated an age-related number. You can apply directly for an age –related number using form V55/5. You will initially need to send me photographs of both sides of the machine and rubbings or clear photographs of the frame and engine numbers. If we can determine the age and model from this information, I will issue a Certificate of Search to Establish the Year of Manufacture which can be used to support your application.  If there is any doubt about the dating, an inspection may be necessary, as above. You will also need to provide photocopies of a current certificate of Insurance. These do not need to be authenticated. Once you have assembled the required documentation, you should send it with a cheque for £55 for the registration fee to DVLA, Swansea SA99 1BE. Form 55/5 is quite complex, and most of it is not relevant to our type of applications, but an instruction booklet, V355/5 can be downloaded from the DVLA website. As for the V765 procedure above, the MSC&R levies a charge of £20 for each application.

If you are planning to re-register your machine, please feel free to contact me to discuss any questions you may have regarding the procedure.

Paul Hutton 01902 713147




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