The Marston Sunbeam Club & Register

Introducing the Club

Welcome to the latest incarnation of the website for the Marston Sunbeam Club & Register. We have built on what has gone before and like one of our ancient engines, we've kick-started the new site into life. Take a trip round the site and you will find a whole host of new stuff. The technical article section has been expanded, we have added a shop where publications can be bought, the events pages contain galleries and videos and last but not least we are in the process of documenting the Sunbeam Models.

New Marston Sunbeam Shop

We are pleaseed to announce that the new Marston Sunbeam shop is now up and running, take a look and see what you think.

The club are keen to further develop the website so if you have photographs of your rebuilds, events that you have participated in or photos of your machine then please contact our web-master Like wise if you spot any errors on the site pl2ase let us know and if there are other things that you would like to see on the website please get in touch.

Sunbeam Engines

What are Marston Sunbeams?

2010 was a big year for us! Since 1982 we have been organised as a register for Sunbeam motorcycles and cycles made by the company founded by John Marston in Wolverhampton back in the 1880s. We have now expanded our role to that of a fully-fledged club for owners and enthusiasts of the Marston Sunbeam. An exciting new era for us.

The club, as with the register before it, caters for all Wolverhampton-made machines plus those from the brief period between 1937-43 when the company was acquired by Associated Motor Cycles of London (AMC) who continued to build Sunbeam cycles and motorcycles, the latter from Wolverhampton-made parts as well as a range of their own models very much in the vein of their Marston predecessors. Sale of the Sunbeam name to BSA in 1943 effectively ended the Marston Sunbeam lineage and owners of post-war Sunbeam motorcycles will need to look to the separate Sunbeam Owners Fellowship as the club for their marque.

Sunbeam day out

But that's far from the end of the story! Marston Sunbeams, with their hand-built quality and pedigree of sporting achievements have been held in high regard by the vintage motorcycle and cycle fraternities who continue to keep Sunbeams running for all to enjoy.


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